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Crochet Hook

8 Warning Signs You’re Addicted to Crochet


Basket of Yarn

You’re not alone. The first step is admitting you have a problem. My name is Sabrina, and I am a crochet addict.

Other than the fact that you want to frame the picture of the yarn on this post, here are 8 signs you might be addicted to crochet. I can personally identify with every single one of these signs. How many do you identify with?

1. Your yarn stash has its own room in your house.

Guilty as charged. It’s so easy for your yarn stash to grow. First it’s the size of a plastic tote. Then it outpaces your pantry. (Yarn is more important than food, right?) Then it has its own dedicated closet. And finally, your stash officially becomes a member of the family, occupying an entire room. Your kids will be fine with sharing a room, right?

Crochet Hook

2. You have a favorite hook.

You’ve spent so many hours crocheting, you’ve found you’re kind of partial to a particular hook. It feels just right in your hand, keeps the stitches from snagging, and let’s you crochet at an accelerated pace. There’s nothing like having the right tools of the trade.

3. You can’t go shopping without thinking “I could make that!”

Pay $30 for that top? No way! Surely there’s a pattern online you could use to make a knockoff. Your daughter wants what overpriced doll for her birthday? A handmade version holds much more sentimental value. She’ll appreciate the hours of work you put into it.

4. You have an app on your phone for every craft store within a 50 mile radius.

You wouldn’t be caught dead at Hobby Lobby without your 40% off coupon. You’ve got that app open and the coupon queued before you even step in line. Wait, Hobby Lobby was out of the yarn you needed to finish that project? That’s okay. Michael’s is right around the corner, and you’ve got an app for them, too.

5. It REALLY irks you when someone says you knit.

Aggravated Woman

Maybe you can knit. Maybe you can’t. But there is a clear difference between crocheting and knitting. How could anyone mix that up? One takes a hook, one takes two needles. It’s like night and day.

6. You’re disappointed when you check Ravelry for new patterns and there hasn’t even been a full page of patterns posted since you last checked.

Ravelry is a crocheter’s heaven. You’re always looking for new patterns and ideas. But it makes you sad when patterns aren’t updating at a consistent pace. I mean, it’s only been 20 minutes since you last checked. What are they waiting on?

7. You’re designing your own patterns.

You’ve crocheted for so long that it’s become second nature to you. You can create an image in your mind of a finished project, and somehow translate that into a full fledged pattern you can share with others. Plus, somebody’s gotta keep content flowing to Ravelry (see #6). Might as well be you!

8. You’ve started blogging about crocheting…wait…

Yep, you are so passionate about your craft, you want to write about it. You’re already writing your own patterns (see #7), so surely someone else will appreciate it if you share them. This gives you yet another opportunity to show off your finished projects. And like-minded people will stop by and you can talk CROCHET.

If you’re addicted to crochet, you might recognize some of these signs in your daily life. The best way to treat your disorder is to crochet more. If you’ve got an addictive personality, what better addiction to have than the fiber arts?

Tell me – are there any signs I missed? What made you realize your life had become hijacked by yarn?

  • Sheila
    Posted at 06:17h, 17 January Reply

    Yep! Got all that and a few more, like can’t go out without a small project in my handbag. Must make sure there’s a hook in my Purse. A to do list only on crochet. Going out for an evening meal, while waiting I crochet something small like a flower etc.THERE’S NOTHING DIFFERENT BETWEEN CROCHET AND USING A TAB , iPHONE OR SIMILAR -EXCEPT WITH CROCHET YOU HAVE A NICE PIECE OF WORK AT THE END!!

    • Sabrina Williams
      Posted at 19:56h, 26 January Reply

      I love that! I definitely don’t have a crochet to do list…yet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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