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Project – Fingerless Gloves for the Whole Family


Kaylen with Fingerless GlovesI LOVE the feeling when I find a pattern that works up quickly and turns out with finished, professional-looking results.

As I was browsing Ravelry for fingerless gloves patterns this weekend, I found one of those magical patterns. The Simple Fingerless Gloves for the Whole Family pattern from Two Little C’s works up in a very short amount of time. I can make a pair in about half an hour. The results are beautiful, boutique-worthy gloves.

White Toddler Size Fingerless Gloves

I started with a pair of white gloves for my three-year-old.

I saw someone post a picture of some Olaf mittens a while back and had been planning on making something similar for him. That was my intention for the white gloves.

Unfortunately, the facial details just require too much space to fit on a pair of toddler fingerless gloves. That’s how he ended up with plain white gloves.

Under normal circumstances, I would never provide my little demon with any white clothing, as it will only be seconds before it is stained.

The only problem I found is the toddler size runs a bit large. My little one has been having trouble keeping them on because they fit his hands so loosely. He normally wears a 2 or 3T. This isn’t a big deal, as I can just take out a few stitches and rows on future projects.
Fingerless Gloves

Black Women’s Size Fingerless Gloves

I then made myself a black pair in the women’s size to match my coat.

I live in North Carolina, so the weather isn’t extremely cold, but it is Winter and I’ve found myself unable to keep warm as of late. I was thinking a few days ago how a pair of those would be nice to wear when I was working on the computer (which I do a lot).

The women’s size turned out perfectly. I couldn’t ask for a better fit. They’re toasty warm and I love them! In fact, I’m wearing them right now!

Striped Toddler Size Fingerless Gloves

Since Olaf didn’t turn out, I made another pair for my toddler to match his jacket in Chicago Bears colors.

I used the exact same pattern as is. I just switched out the colors on rows where I wanted a stripe to appear. I made these in navy, white, and orange.

We ended up with another adorable pair that he loves, but since I didn’t take out any stitches, they still run a little big.

Purple Child Size Fingerless Gloves

Finally, when my niece Chloe saw her cousin’s gloves, she asked for a pair in purple.

The child size turned out nicely, though I haven’t yet had a chance to give them to her to check the fit. The wrist band is smaller than the toddler, and this is probably closer to the size I need for the toddler gloves. I will use this on future projects.


On all the gloves, I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! as the pattern designer did, but I’m sure any medium worsted weight yarn would be fine. I used an H hook as noted in the pattern.

I see a lot more of these gloves in my future. They are so quick and easy to make, I think everyone in the family is getting a pair for Christmas. I definitely recommend this great pattern!

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